Spring Cleaning

on May.02.2018
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Spring Cleaning:

After a mild Wisconsin winter and a brutal Spring, we are finally seeing warmer weather and green grass!! May has become one of my favorite months because I love to clean and rid our house of the winter yuck and plan for the fun months of summer.

If you are like me, I do not have hours and hours to dedicate to cleaning my house or spring cleaning, so I have found a system that allows me to do a little each day over a week's time. And actually, my family and I do many of these things on a regular basis so that our house never gets out of control!

To get started...

1. Make a list: I am a list maker, a trait I inherited from my Dad. I love lists and crossing off the items when I get them done. I use a notebook system... One notebook for our Life To Do, one for our Lake Life business and one for my skincare business.

  • Start by listing each room of your house.
  • Then on the bottom, write these things...
    • shampoo carpet, wash rugs
    • organize and purge closets and drawers
    • wash bedding and curtains
    • restock 
    • yardwork
    • wash windows
  • Then clean one room at a time or complete one item at a time...
  • I like to clean all of our closets first. Then clean the rooms and wash bedding. As I am cleaning, I make a list of all of the products that I need to get at Costco or Target to restock. Then we wash the rugs and shampoo carpets at the very end.
  • When the weather is best, I do all of the yard work, then wash windows.
  • In the kitchen, I also clean all of our appliances and pantry. In the laundry room, we run bleach through the washer and clean out the dryer vent.
  • Our garage is considered a room and organized the same way.

2. Use natural cleaners. I do not make my own cleaners, but have completely switched to natural, green, earth-friendly products. Once we started making soy candles, I began to research the health concerns behind paraffin candles, air freshener plug ins and all of the cleaning products that I was using. Just for fun... if you burn candles that are not soy, go check out your furnace filter. It is pretty scary. We now use ion air cleaners and our house smells cleaner and fresher than ever before. I never used to believe in them, but my allergies are definitely better with it!! 

Robot Check

3. Throughout the year, teach you and your family to organize and purge regularly. Once every few months, my kids clean their closets as they are putting away laundry. I clean out my fridge once a month. You seriously will feel so much better with a clean, organized fridge! 

4. Find an organization system that works for you and your family. I have an Erin Condren planner that I just love. It is hard cover so it stands up in my purse and bag and keeps our lives running smoothly. We also have a master calendar in our mud room with all of our activities.


5. Use a printable grocery list and meal planner to keep your family well fed and happy every day. See links on our website for Free Printables!

I believe that a clean, organized house makes our lives run happier, smoother and less stressed. We are busy so we do not have a lot of time to commit to cleaning our house, and we sure aren't going to miss out on fun things to clean!! But, incorporating these small things regularly eliminates Spring Cleaning to be a big deal.

6. We own a second home on the lake. While I do the exact same things for cleaning and stocking our house, there is a bit more outside work that needs to be done. See my Spring Cleaning checklist on our website for a Free Printable!

Do you have other ideas to share? Tips and tricks for other busy people? Please share.

xoxo, Amy

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